Benefits of Using McEasy GPS Tracker

McEasy GPS Tracker is the latest solution to the problem of vehicle tracking, which is available in several variants to meet diverse needs. In this article, we will explore three types of McEasy GPS Tracker: Easy Track, Easy Route, and Easy Portable. Each type of GPS Tracker has unique features and functions that ensure accurate and efficient monitoring of your valuable vehicles and assets.

Each McEasy GPS Tracker has different features and functions. These differences in features and benefits are specifically designed to meet the needs of each industry. The types of features of each McEasy GPS Tracker include:

Easy Track

Easy Track is a McEasy GPS Tracker designed to track vehicles in real-time with high precision and connect with vehicle sensors. Easy Track has the following features:

Live View: A feature available in the McEasy platform and connected to Easy Track that helps you to track the position of the vehicle accurately and in real-time, so that the presence of the vehicle is always monitored with certainty.
Fleet History: The Fleet History feature, available on the McEasy platform and linked to Easy Track, allows you to display and store vehicle travel route history, making it easier to monitor fleet activity.
Engine On/Off: The Engine On/Off feature available in the McEasy platform and connected to Easy Track also allows you to control your fleet by remotely turning off and starting vehicle engines.
Connect with IoT and Vehicle Sensors: Easy Track can be integrated with TrackVision dashcams that help detect signs of driver distraction during driving and vehicle sensors to keep loads safe and fuel efficient.

Easy Router

Easy Route is McEasy’s GPS Tracker specifically designed to monitor vehicles anytime and anywhere, even in areas with no signal coverage at all. Easy Route features include:

Connect with All Connections: The connected Easy Router comes with dual SIM 2G, 4G/LTE, and WiFi Failover. This makes it easy to monitor vehicles in various terrains and remote locations.
WiFi Access Point: The Easy Router is equipped with a WiFi Access Point to automatically and accurately store GPS data, so that when the fleet leaves an area without signal coverage, the GPS data will also be stored.

Easy Portable

Easy Portable is a McEasy GPS Tracker designed with high portability, suitable for monitoring fleets because it has a special design equipped with magnets, making it easy to install and move to other fleets. Key features of Easy Portable include:

Live View: Similar to the Easy Track feature, Easy Portable is also connected to the Live View feature on the McEasy platform for easy tracking and real-time monitoring of fleet locations.
Fleet History: Easy Portable also has the same Fleet History feature as Easy Track, which displays and stores trip history.
Engine On/Off: This feature also shares similarities with Easy Track in that it can control the fleet easily by remotely turning off and starting the engine.
Long-Lasting Battery: Equipped with a 10,000 mAh/3.7V power battery, ensuring continuous monitoring.

Connected to KLHK Silacak Server

From the description of the features of each type of McEasy GPS Tracker, it certainly makes it the most reliable and superior GPS Tracker in tracking and monitoring vehicle fleets. In addition, the three types of McEasy GPS Tracker have also been thoroughly connected through the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) server, namely Silacak, thus providing significant added value.

It should be noted that companies transporting hazardous and toxic waste (B3) are required to use a GPS Tracker that has been integrated with Silacak. The existence of monitoring the transportation of B3 waste with a GPS Tracker connected to Silacak helps the government in monitoring the presence of transportation of B3 waste to the final disposal site. For this reason, McEasy GPS Tracker is the right GPS choice for B3 waste transportation companies in meeting government regulations.

Benefits of Using McEasy GPS Tracker

McEasy GPS Tracker integration ensures highly accurate and real-time vehicle tracking. The data provided by McEasy GPS Tracker helps to easily monitor the position of vehicles, thus providing full control and high visibility of the fleet. This provides security for the company’s valuable assets.

Compliance with Rules and Regulations

In the logistics business, compliance with government rules and regulations is key. With McEasy’s GPS Tracker connected to Silacak, companies can ensure that their vehicle fleets are always within the permitted lanes and comply with traffic rules, as well as MoEF regulations.

Better Fleet Management

GPS Tracker connected to the McEasy platform provides extensive visibility of the entire vehicle fleet. With one hand on one platform that can be accessed via mobile or desktop, fleet operations teams can optimize vehicle usage, reduce downtime, and ensure that every vehicle in the fleet is operating at optimal capacity.
Risk Reduction and Security Enhancement

The integration of McEasy GPS Tracker with Silacak helps in close monitoring of vehicles and assets. In case of loss or theft, McEasy GPS Tracker can help in tracking and recovering the vehicle quickly. This reduces the risk of loss and increases customer confidence.
Increased Customer Satisfaction

McEasy’s GPS Tracker integration provides accurate Estimated Time Arrival (ETA), thus improving on-time delivery for logistics and shipping businesses, as well as ensuring on-time arrival for passenger transportation businesses. This is very useful for increasing customer satisfaction and trust, which in turn builds a positive company image.


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